Introduction: Media Consumption Habits

HELLO! I’m Lindsay, a junior from Minneapolis attending the University of Michigan as a Communications Studies major and Digital Studies minor.

Today, much like many other undergraduates, I find myself using more nonconventional means to gather news as opposed to the more traditional print newspaper or The Today Show. For political news and current events, my choice of consumption is Associated Press (AP) application notifications and theSkimm email blasts.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.05.03 PM.pngtheSkimm email blast example

As stated in the Tow Center’s article about Post Industrial Journalism, journalism now “…suggests a shift to dramatically increased specialization and partnership”. This is why theSkimm and the AP’s use of aggregating from multiple sources is highly appealing to college students like myself because it brings together disparate material and keeps it easy to remain in-the-loop.

On the other hand, for more entertainment and lifestyle news, I love going to Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan. With the access directly on my iPhone, keeping up with the news and current events is easy (so is getting distracted by them in class) but as companies are beginning to adapt to these capabilities in the digital world, they are more able to engage and update the younger generations.

Without a doubt, these consumption habits changed once I was on my own in college and I support the Post Industrial Journalistic changes. At home, my parents would force me into watching the news or The Today Show with them – but it’s safe to say that the news acted as white noise while I ate breakfast.

With that said, my parents are huge advocates for traditional news on the TV and print. My dad prefers stock information and national news while my mom mainly wants the weather and traffic information. Regardless, my parents strive to always stay in-the-know. They also adapted with post industrial journalism and have slowly begun to download news applications on their iPhones. Sometimes, my mom decides to use these to email me links to local stories: this was yesterday’s story.

For this coming semester, I have decided to focus on the fashion and lifestyle industry. I’ve always loved the beauty created through photography of fashion because of the mix of patterns with simplistic designs, and I have since realized after following certain accounts that I’m more inclined to like and want certain products. Some of my favorite posts are from Urban Outfitters, Rebecca Minkoff, and Julie Sariñana’s instagrams.

This is especially interesting to me right now because I also started another course “Marketing: Consumer Behavior” in Ross Business School I’m interesting to understand the adaptation of this marketing in the digital world.


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