Following Me VIA My Shoes

Recently, one of my friends pointed out my shoe addiction. Full disclosure, it’s really becoming a problem – I can’t fit all of them in my small college-sized closet.

After hearing this, I began to wonder about my feet throughout the day. Yes, I do realize that it is both cliché and bizarre. However, because of this, I chose to document, using photography, the journey of my feet throughout the day to see how day from a different perspective.

I have to say, it was very interesting to not only see how many different shoes I wear in a day, but also the obvious evolution of nice sandal weather to needing rain boots.


In case you were wondering, I did purchase the wedges photographed below and should consider maybe not shoe shopping when I’m bored.

Also to be noted is that although none of the photographs were deliberately planned prior to taking, whilst taking the photos, there was an inadvertent effort to ensure they were more artistic looking in nature – we are talking about photographing feet here.

Because of this, it lead to a more posed look, although it was not planned. This remains very much so a weekend day in my life.




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